Northern Road Trip | Ulverston

In what’s become a summer tradition, we recently spent a long weekend in the South Lakeland town of Ulverston.

The Cross, Market Street, Ulverston

The beauty of Ulverston is that it never changes. Well, it does change, but not much from year to year … and I say this as someone who has been going to Ulverston for almost 50 years. 🙂

The rhythm of Ulverston is set by doing the same things each year. We climbed Hoad on a blustery Friday morning. There was a visit to the Laurel & Hardy Museum. We saw the friends-who-are-like-family. We laughed. All. The. Time.

We were even persuaded to have several suppers and one Sunday lunch in the pub. We wore masks when moving around inside the pub and noticed that we were definitely in the minority. (It’s not over, people, not by a long shot.)

And the lovely thing is, next year we’ll probably do the same things all over again. 🙂 Hopefully minus the masks.

13 thoughts on “Northern Road Trip | Ulverston

  1. What a lovely get away & nice that it was somewhere you know & enjoy. TB’s impression is getting there (col). All yummy looking meals.

    Thankfully we are still mandated to wearing masks & that won’t be lifted anytime soon. It’s official we are in the 4th wave, new cases rising daily, hospital admissions also on the rise – it’s mostly those unvaccinated.

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    1. Ulverston always feels a little like home. 🙂

      We are very much mask wearing and keeping our distance from other people where possible.
      The UK is currently around +30,000 cases per day and the people is hospital are apparently mostly unvaccinated. 😦


  2. How lovely to have a place where you feel at home as soon as you arrive. I’m pleased you were able to meet up with friends and enjoy pub dinners. It feels like it is mostly younger people who have discarded the masks around here, I’m happy to keep wearing mine until the numbers are on the decrease again.

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