Me on Monday

Too nice to actually sit on

It was a week of horrendous traffic and overcast skies:

  • We returned from our road trip to South Lakeland
  • There was a lot of laundry
  • The Boy and I went on two Slow Summer outings
  • I tried to donate my 35th pint of blood but was turned away because not enough time had elapsed since my colonoscopy. I now know that you need 4 months between a camera up your bum and donating blood
  • The decorator took another 3 days to finish up and I absolutely love the end results. 🙂 He’ll be back in a few weeks to tackle the living room and downstairs loo
  • I downloaded several hundred photos from our trip
  • I prepped several blog posts about our South Lakeland Trip
  • The Boy and I shopped for school shoes and trainers – always a joy
  • The Boy, Tilly and I spent an afternoon at my In-Laws house with their pooch while they, and The Brainy One, went to a memorial service out of London
  • I thought about moving to a house it was suggested we should buy in a year or two … and I could see us living there 🙂

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Sounds like there are lots of forthcoming posts to look forward to – and with lots of pictures I hope!
    I’m pleased you are happy with the decorating, when you have gone for something different to what you would normally choose there is always a slight apprehension isn’t there?
    Your comment about school shoes brought back so many memories, with Jon it was so easy, he saw a pair he liked, they had them in his size, we bought them. With Rachel, not so easy. Too many styles to choose from, very narrow feet, and hyper mobility in her ankles meant she often couldn’t have the style she set her heart on. Oh the stress!

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    1. I’m loving the bright yellow walls (Valspar’s Bonjour) … so much so that I’ll probably use is again in the living room. 🙂
      The school school was fairly easy. I took The Boy to have his feet measured at the beginning of the holidays and then ordered a suitable pair online. The problem is finding decent slip-ons or shoes with a buckle because The Boy is still unable to tie shoelaces. And don’t get me started on trainers without laces for teenagers!


  2. My daughter is giving blood next week – she had to delay a few days due to having her second Covid vaccination. I would love to give blood as I’m O negative, but I had a blood transfusion after the birth of my twins so as far as I know I’m not allowed to.

    I’ve never been to the Lake District, it’s one of the many places on my “to visit” list.

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  3. Decorating is always so rewarding & oh a new house on the horizon?!!?!!! Cannot wait to see all the photos from your time away in the Lake District. So many reminders about the most wonderful time of the year – kids return to school soon!

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