Van Gogh Alive | Kensington Gardens

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is a 20,000 square foot light and sound spectacular featuring two-story projections of the artist’s most compelling works. It’s a pretty impressive set up. It’s also hugely popular.

What it’s not, however, is an ideal set up for visitors with autism. The Boy was overwhelmed within 10 minutes and I spent the remaining time of our visit, around 20 minutes, holding him in a bearhug as we worked our way through to the exit.

The problem for The Boy was the level of the accompanying music – simply too loud for him in an enclosed space. The problem for me was, because of the low lighting, the ability to find a staff member who could help us leave was all but impossible.

The Boy and I agreed that the next time we feel the urge to look at the works of Van Gogh, we’ll go back to Amsterdam.

8 thoughts on “Van Gogh Alive | Kensington Gardens

  1. I am sorry that it was all too much of a sensory overload for your son. Of course a staff member should be easy to spot in such a space, seems logical to me. The Van Gogh museum is wonderful. A light building too.
    I don’t really understand why loud music must accompany everything. I often can’t hear the dialogue on TV due to loud background music.

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    1. I’m looking to see how to contact the organisers directly, rather than leave a generic review … but maybe I should leave a generic review anyway.


  2. I was thinking I’d love to see this until I read the bit about loud music – so unnecessary, and prevents people from communicating with each other. I’m sad the organisers didn’t think about this and make it more suitable for your young man, and others too. I hope there was a feedback form you could fill in!

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  3. Amazing looking display, but I’m sorry that the loud music was too much for TB. I agree with the other comments, why do organizers think that the louder the music the better? I hope there is somewhere you can give this feedback. And oh yes to once again being able to freely travel to places like Amsterdam.

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  4. I hadn’t realised there was a loud soundtrack to accompany the exhibition – I wonder why they felt the need to add that? What a shame that it spoilt it for your visit, and also a shame that assistants could not be found to help you find an early exit. Is there a way of letting anyone know about this?

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