Me on Monday

A week of more torrential rain, bright yellow walls and a road trip:

  • There were 3 more days of redecoration
  • I purchased lamp shades that I didn’t think The Brainy One and The Boy would think much of. They both surprised me
  • The Boy and I discovered some more of London’s secrets during Slow Summer outings
  • We headed North for a long weekend in South Lakeland
  • We hiked and messed about on Coniston Water.
  • We laughed until we cried
  • I took roughly 500 images on my big camera

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. That’s an amazing lampshade! Lots of laughter sounds very therapeutic :). I’ve been enjoying your photos of your weekend – such great experiences for your young one too.

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    1. The pair of them took me by surprise with their approval, I must say. The Brainy One even suggested buying two more for the living room ceiling lights … 🙂


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