Slow Summer | Giro the Alsatian

In Central London, at 9 Carlton House Terrace, is the grave of Giro the Alsatian, whose owner Dr. Leopold von Hoesch was a well-respected diplomat under both the Weimar Republic and Nazi governments (and famously received a full Nazi funeral in London in 1936).

Giro had died two years earlier, after chewing through an electrical cable. 😦 Being a dog, Giro had no idea what was going on in his home country. However, he was often judged guilty by association to the newly elected Nazi regime … which strikes me as a little harsh.

Giro’s grave is definitely in need of some TLC.

9, Carlton House Terrace is the site of the former German Embassy. Should you ever need it, the current German Embassy can be found at 23, Belgrave Square.

4 thoughts on “Slow Summer | Giro the Alsatian

  1. Another interesting Slow Summer reveal. Yes indeed poor Giro chewing on that electric cord & thankfully dogs don’t judge us the way he was judged by people.

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