Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt 2021 | Link–up 2

Today is the second link-up for this year’s SPHS and is hosted by the lovely Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards blog.

#1: A breakfast of champions:

#3: Something to represent home but not the building – house keys (they have a story of their own):

#4: Head in the clouds – shapes or interesting patterns – after the rain:

#14: Inside your fridge or cupboard – the fridge after an online delivery:

#17: An exit – our newly-refurbed local Underground station:

Alt. B: A local landmark – the North Korean embassy 🙂 :

8 thoughts on “Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt 2021 | Link–up 2

  1. Thanks Ruth for joining in the SPSH. Your frig is (a) well stocked (b) SO amazingly organized (col). Your cloud photo capturing not only the clouds but that tri-plane soaring amongst the clouds is a most fortunate find!! A hearty breakfast for sure & will we get the story of the keys in a future post??? (please).

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  2. I’m very jealous of your beautifully organised fridge. Mine is utter chaos – the joys of having 3 adult offspring still living at home! They all have to have their own shelf and anything that belongs to us all has to go on the shelf my husband and I share!

    That is most definitely a champion breakfast, I can smell the bacon now….

    Love your photos – the Korean Embassy did make me giggle!

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