Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition in London’s Covent Garden

Recently opened at the London Film Museum is the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibiton; housing iconic photographs, the Photographic Exhibition takes fan behind-the-scenes of key moments in the film series, from Harry’s first day at Hogwarts through to the Battle of Hogwarts.

There are also plenty of props – the flying Ford Anglia, Voldemort’s robes, Hermione’s outfit from when she was running around the forest.

As with our visit to the Studios, the experience was a wholly positive one for The Boy. The Interactors were once again brilliant – helpful without being intrusive – and it was fun to see that their facemasks were in the colours of Hogwarts’ Houses. 🙂 One of them told me that all of them had taken the Sorting Hat quiz, so were wearing the correct House masks. (Incidentally, I bought a Gryffindor maskfor The Boy only to find that once home and he’d taken the Sorting Hat quiz, he’s a Hufflepuff!)

The Boy’s best bit was when one of the interactors suggested that because he’s so knowledgeable about all things Harry Potter, he should come and work there! (And Mum is making a mental note to remember that when it’s time to think about what kind of job might suit The Boy …)

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition in London’s Covent Garden

  1. This exhibition would be so much fun to visit & I quite envious that you both got to attend. I like the Harry statue out front & yes yes yes to the racing broom photo!

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