Me on Monday

It was a week of cooler temperatures and frequent torrential downpours:

  • Those lovely lampshades from IKEA? I returned them. 😦 They were simply the wrong look for the space I had in mind.
  • The Boy had three days at Summer Camp.
  • I ordered a whole load of new school uniform while it had 20% off. 🙂
  • I had a filling replaced. 😦 It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared it would be and it should prevent any necessity for root canal in the future (fingers crossed).
  • The Boy and I went to the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition in Covent Garden (more on that later this week).
  • Absolutely loving watching the Olympics.
  • The Boy and I climbed Wellington Arch in Central London (more on that later this week).
  • We visited Osterley Park.
  • We went for brunch. 🙂
  • I emptied bookshelves and took down lightshades ready for a spot of redecoration to begin next week.

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday

    1. Haha, there was a lift involved for some of the way up – and stairs all the way down. 🙂
      The Boy said he was glad that Camp had only been for 5 days …


  1. Yes indeed you have been busy with Slow Summer Fun except for the tooth filling part. I hope you & TB sat in one of those barrel booths to enjoy a bottle of Butterbeer; the whole exhibition looks fun. I saw your Insta photo of the Arch Climb, what a view. Looking forward to a second peek at Osterley Park.

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    1. Haha, the butterbeer was ridiculously expensive so we gave it a miss … that, and when The Boy tried it during our last visit to the Studios, he hadn’t liked it. 🙂


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