Four Fun Things

  • I’m looking forward to returning to the cinema for the release of this long-awaited sequel (I can’t see me inside a cinema before the autumn). Has anyone else noticed that Tom is popping up all over the UK of late?
  • This cheesecake looks delicious!
  • We’re looking forward to hiking Loughrigg in August.
  • Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible? I think I’d take the ability to fly, as I love to travel (in pre-Covid times) … the ability to fly has to be the greener option when compared to boarding a 777. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. After checking out Loughrigg & Rydal Woods & Fell, I feel I must have the ability to fly so I can go there & ride and/or walk those paths. OM Goodness that is the most beautiful area.

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  2. I wonder what your step count will look like on the day of that hike!
    I think I’d choose to have the ability to fly too, being invisible could definitely have its drawbacks!

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