Me on Monday

It was a week of hot days and sweaty nights:

  • I collected my new retainer from the orthodontist
  • I collected those lamp shades from IKEA
  • I met my Swim Ladies for a coffee and cake 80th birthday celebration 🙂 (I am the youngest in our group by about 15 years)
  • The Boy finished school for the Summer
  • The Boy began five days of Day Camp (organised by school free of charge)
  • We marked a family birthday
  • Both The Brainy One and The Boy had a haircut
  • We had lunch with my Sister-in-Love
  • I settled in for some serious Olympics-watching 🙂
  • I booked two excursions in town for next week
  • We dodged the weekend’s thunderstorms

6 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. You had a busy week, lots of jobs done; lots of fun activities. WOW an 80th birthday celebration. In our church we start celebrations for milestone birthdays of 70, & then 75, 80, 85, 90 … you get the cycle – this year so far we have had 3, 90th birthday celebrations – it certainly makes me feel very young (lol). Still no meeting for cake, all drive by their birthday girl/guy’s home. I know you like your sister in law so I did chuckle at your reference of her as your Sister-in-Love … that’s such a sweet way to think of her. A free day camp for TB; well that certainly helps with the slow summer planning!

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  2. Week one – done!
    Sounds like it was a busy week too – what a great expression ‘sister in love’ – you obviously have a very special relationship with her!

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