Visiting IKEA in Person

Its been almost 25 years since my first (and last) visit to an IKEA store. I didn’t put a piece of IKEA furniture together until February 2017. 🙂

I’ve been on the hunt for new light shades for our hall, stairwell and landing and kept seeing this one popping up on the home décor accounts I follow on Instagram. After quite a wait, I was able to track down the shades in stock in the IKEA store leviathan at Wembley, North London.

Home delivery wasn’t an option, so Click and Collect it was … but only between 4-8 pm. 😦

With England’s restrictions having been lifted, I was half expecting crowds of maskless click and collecters. The reality couldn’t have been further from the truth – there was no-one waiting but me, in a mask, and a lurking IKEA employee, half wearing a mask. 🙂

Ten minutes later I was back in the car, along with 5 of those shades*. I suspect it could be another 25 years before I visit IKEA in person again.

Are you a fan of IKEA?

*I’ll show you the shades in situ once the next round of decorating has been complete.

7 thoughts on “Visiting IKEA in Person

  1. I do like that lampshade & if I was not intrigued before, 5 have made me quite keen for the reveal.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but we do have several pieces of IKEA furniture. The bookshelves make ideal homes for scrapbook albums. There was a time when we, if in the area, would wander the pathway through Ikea & come away with some decorating ideas; their instore show rooms always had such great ideas. Alas those wanders haven’t happened in at least 2 years. I have noticed that in our province, IKEA stores are never easily accessed. Is that their draw, make it tough & keep them keen.

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    1. We’re due to have the hall and stairs redecorated from outside the loft office, now that fabulous Greek-blue, down to the front door … 2 lights in the hall, 2 on the landing and 1 outside the loft office.

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  2. I don’t live anywhere near to an IKEA so my visits are very infrequent. I have to say I love a mooch around IKEA.
    I love the layouts and the items they stock, all the things you see and never knew that you needed! I haven’t visited for a few years but think I need a mooch!

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    1. It looks as though I’ll be going back much sooner than anticipated – those lovely lampshades are far too big for the space … doh!


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