Not Every Adventure Has To Be Big

Twenty twenty was the Year of No and this year, many of us are still not that comfortable with the thought of venturing too far outside our domestic bubbles.

This summer I’m hoping to go beyond simply saying “let’s not” or “maybe” and look for ways to venture out that can make the regular weeks of summer feel special – not just when we head off for a planned road trip.

We can gear up for a grand adventure, sure. And I’m up for that, global pandemic notwithstanding. But not every adventure has to be big.

In thinking about the content of this post and also how to fill late July and August with a variety of fun, stimulating and mildly-educational things, I remembered how I made use of Slow Summer in 2019: Freddie’s house, the skinny house, bookshops. Three simple outings that were fun, easy to achieve and still talked about today.

From thinking about 2019’s Slow Summer, I moved on to musing about which not-so-big adventure has brought me the most joy these past months. Want to know what it is?

Meeting up with my fabulous sister-in-love to walk our dogs in the woods near her home before enjoying brunch at a terrific garden centre (which is conveniently situated at roughly the half-way point of our walk).

It really is the simple things in life. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Not Every Adventure Has To Be Big

  1. I heartily agree with sometimes the best adventures are close to home & not “big” in the book of twenty things to do before you die … your post today is an excellent reminder of that. I love walking in the woods & it’s been SO long since I’ve done (Mr Man is not a walker) so once my walking buddy is home from her cottage, I think we need to book a wood walk.

    My gosh is TB ever getting tall!

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