Me on Monday

A week where the sun came out, temperatures rose and the nights were hot and sticky.

  • After a wait of almost 7 months, our new picture windows were replaced.
  • The Brainy One, Tilly and I were caught in a thunderstorm – we were beyond wet.
  • The Boy went camping. 🙂
  • I was finally able to order the lightshade I’d been eyeing up. This one, if you’re interested in seeing which one has had me stalking the IKEA website.
  • My container garden is looking beautiful; my lilies are huge! 🙂
  • We met my Sister-in-Love for lunch.
  • We went out for Sunday brunch.

2 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Your lilies are gorgeous & plentiful in blooms. Are they as fragrant as beautiful? Looks like a Lily Tree. I like your Ikea lamp & to use renewable resources is a bonus. 7 months is a long time but in the end an item done & can be ticked off the to do list. Our upgrades to the ensuite bathroom don’t start until November which is giving me too many opportunities to keep changing my mind about things (lol).

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