Month in Numbers | June 2021

Was June joyful? Let’s see what the numbers made of it:

40 walks with Tilly

32,179 steps walked by me on my busiest day^

5 pieces of Happy Mail sent

7 traditional 12×12 scrapbook pages created by me

3 visits with family members

1 photo of mine on the walls of a public exhibition 🙂

8 items ticked off on this year’s Photography Scavenger Hunt list

30 sessions of online Pilates

15 online Step classes via YouTube

3 days of self-isolation*

2 litres of laxative drunk – not a pleasant experience*

3 hospital visits – a face-to-face with a consultant, a COVID-19 test and a colonoscopy*

^This is how I reached such a large daily step count: online Step class, morning walk with Tilly, walk to the local B&Q to look at paint colours and wall lights, walk to M&S to collect an order, afternoon walk with Tilly, walk with The Boy to see the nurse. 🙂

*I have a post about my recent health scare going live next week.

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

4 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | June 2021

  1. I’m exhausted just reading about how you reached that daily step count. I bet you slept well that night!
    The last three sets of numbers aren’t so nice, Paul has been through that at it wasn’t pleasant. It’s an area of our health that is often not discussed through embarrassment so I will be interested to see your future blog post.
    You’re beating me on the Scavenger hunt, I need to memorise the list (or at least take it out with me!) so I can tick off a few more.

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    1. Haha, that step count was actually yesterday and I had a terrible night’s sleep!
      The whole prep for the colonoscopy wasn’t pleasant but it does appear to fairly common procedure – more on that soon.


  2. June was joyful, well except for the colonoscopy, which is one of those awful wellness check ups. Glad to hear it was a scare & yes like Deb interested to read more about your adventure in the bowels of our bodies!

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