Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt 2021 | Link #1

Today is the first link-up for this year’s SPHS and is hosted by the lovely Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards blog.

Here are my first few finds:

#5: The art of the fold – towels in the homeware section of Marks & Spencer.

#6: Something that makes you laugh or happy – Miss Tilly. 🙂

#7: What’s in bloom – the flower bed in our front garden.

#8: Windows view – through the kitchen window (looking at where our neighbour’s house used to be).

#10: The delivery van – delivery of the food shop.

Alternate A: Show off your Covid safety – Family LFTs.

14 thoughts on “Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt 2021 | Link #1

  1. Thank you Ruth for joining in. You are off to a great start on your finds. Miss Tilly indeed makes me smile. Are there bees in/on your flowers for the What’s in Bloom photo?

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    1. Yes to bees in the garden photo – they love the catmint and we can often have more than 20 of them buzzing around the flowers. 🙂


  2. Pretty colors in the folded towels. I liked Deb’s folded origami. I had planned to feature a pleated skirt…just need to snap the pic. Miss Tilly is adorable. I miss having a dog about. Pretty view from your windows. We have a couple of windows designed similarly to yours…so much easier to clean!

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    1. Haha, that window looks out over next door … where they’re in the process of building two large houses! My view will become one of bricks! 😦


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