Recording 2021’s One Little Word | Heart – May and June

In May I chose to record Afternoon Tea. 🙂 Having used the banner with a cluster of cake embellishments, I decided that I didn’t need to also add a specific title.

In June I chose to record the photographic exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor:

4 thoughts on “Recording 2021’s One Little Word | Heart – May and June

  1. I love the way that you have also added the pretty paper doilies on the layout for afternoon tea, the perfect finishing touch.
    You must have felt so proud to have your photo included in that exhibition. What an amazing project to be involved in, I hope TB was suitably impressed to see himself on display!

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    1. I felt those glimpses of doily were perfect for the subject matter. 🙂
      I did feel very proud to have my photo in the exhibition – The Boy? Not so much!


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