Scrapbooking in 2021 | The Boy’s Album

I’ve added a few more spreads to The Boy’s album (volume 7) …

There’s a double spread for the run up to last Christmas – an old grid design (from either Ali or Shimelle):

There’s also a single spread about visiting Lacock last October (apologies for the wonky image):

And there’s a spread about an overdue haircut 🙂 :

4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2021 | The Boy’s Album

  1. Lots of fun memories. VOL 7!! TB is very lucky you have recorded all his adventures. I’ve said it before, but grid layouts are my favourite; the ease of flow in the photo story, the right balance of embellishments & fun papers.

    I’m going to CASE the haircut layout … we are SO excited; next week our local hairdressers can re-open after being closed for 4 months (Toronto it’s been since November/20).

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    1. I’ll never take having a haircut for granted ever again!

      I often tell TB that’s he’s so lucky to live in the digital age and have a mum who has scrapbooked his whole life. 🙂


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