Me on Monday

It was a week of both high temperatures and torrential rain.

Dream cottage 🙂
  • It was a quieter week than of late
  • The Boy had another appointment about his toe – it seems to be becoming a weekly thing 😦
  • I received notification about another hospital appointment
  • The Brainy One, Tilly and I sat inside a café for the first time in over a year. It felt weirdly nice
  • We spent a day with The Oldest Friends in the Cotswold countryside and it was perfect
  • We’re anxious about a neighbouring development and the impact it’s already having on our community
  • I’m thinking about paint colours for our next redecoration project

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. A sign of the times, I saw the words ‘high temperatures’ and immediately thought ‘oh no, covid!’ Greatly relieved to read on and see you were talking about the weather 🙂
    A perfect day in the Cotswolds sounds, well, perfect. What a treat.
    Sorry to hear that the toe is an ongoing problem, let’s hope the end of treatment is in sight.

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  2. If you’re going to be dressing anything, let it be yourself for going out to adventures … sorry that TB’s toe is ongoing 😦
    I totally get how neighbours can affect/effect your own home’s qualities of peace & feeling of sanctuary. It does make one think about the dream home more often …
    Yeah to time with friends, especially in The Cotswold countryside, where possibly a dream home awaits!!!

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    1. The building work in our area is noisy and intrusive – large lorries blocking our drive at all times of the day – only about a year to go! Hahaha!
      I’d love a house in the Cotswolds, I just don’t think we can afford one.


  3. Such a beautiful photo … Envying you those temperatures, especially with friends and a café to boot. We’ve had ‘pleasant’ and are heading into ‘cool’ territory though without any rain, amazingly. Hoping your young man’s toe gets sorted soon, both for his sake and yours!

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  4. My poor mama had to dress my father’s open wounds on his feet for several years. She was always very nervous about doing so and the wounds never healed. It was a very stressful situation for both. Hope the boy’s foot is soon on the mend.

    What kind of development is potentially going to affect your neighborhood? We are worried about something similar, too.

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    1. The Boy’s toe is healing, just more slowly than anticipated. 😦

      A house near us has been demolished and two large houses will be built on the site. They’ve only been at it for about a month and we’re already fed up with equipment being propped up against our wall (even though they said they would stop when we asked them not to), huge lorries parking across our driveway, the noise, etc …
      The original plan was for a block of flats (apartments) which the community was able to block, but we’ve been over-ridden on the houses. We stand to lose a lot of natural light once they’re built.


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