From 12×12 Scrapbook to A5 Journal

Tucked away on a small shelf in the corner of my office you’ll find a Creative Memories 12×12 album about when I worked at the Royal Ballet School in South West London. And like many of my early scrapbooking attempts, it really isn’t very good. 🙂

I have a lot of ephemera – programs, program notes, newspaper clippings – but not that many photos (I worked at the Royal Ballet School in the pre-digital days), so I decided to work with the same type of notebook used for my RAF journals – an oversized A5 kraft multi journal. It’s probably going to be too big for my requirements so I’ll simply remove the excess pages.

I’m less than 20 pages in, but it’ll certainly be a quicker project than the RAF journals. 🙂

Have you ever dismantled a supposedly completed 12×12 album and replaced it with something much smaller?

14 thoughts on “From 12×12 Scrapbook to A5 Journal

  1. What a good idea! I think you’re going to really enjoy this project. What job did you do there? I wonder where all those students are now and how they are managing in the current restrictions to performances.

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  2. I was always reluctant to add journalling on 12×12 pages, I wanted the focus to be on the photo. However, for something as specific as your job at RBS details add so much, the new album will be brilliant. The stories will be so interesting. What a fabulous place to work!

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    1. The stories are key with this project, as anyone else who looks through just my photos won’t have a clue about them. 🙂 It was a great place to work!


  3. This is sounding like a fun project. I really like the cover you have created for this project. I’m with Deb on some of the questions … & wouldn’t it be interesting if you could track down a few of the students to see where they are now.

    I have not dismantled an album although a few of my early CM albums, I’ve redone pages or finally added some context to the pages.

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    1. Some of them are now quite famous in the world of ballet – Francesca Heywood at the Royal Ballet and Xander Parrish at the Mariinsky in St Petersburg, Russia. Others are still dancing, many have moved into teaching and a few are now starting their families (which makes me feel very old!)


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