Me on Monday

It was a week of glorious weather and wearing shorts every day. 🙂

  • I went on an overground train to Paddington twice in four days.
  • I had an outpatients appointment in a Central London hospital – a proper face-to-face consultation. It was organised and efficient and I felt perfectly safe.
  • The Boy had yet another appointment about his toe.
  • We spent the day with my The Brother, the first time we’ve been together since September last year.
  • We went to Kensington Gardens to see the Summer Pavilion outside the Serpentine Gallery.
  • We spent a fair amount of time in our back garden.
  • The ongoing job of clearing decades old paperwork from the home office is, well, ongoing and The Brainy One is fed up with it.

4 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. You had lots of variety last week. I am sure it is hard to return to some of the normal people situations, like using the tube for trips. I do hope the toe appt. was all good & to say it is totally healed . Old paperwork clearing out, I think from my own experience, has to be solidary, otherwise, “some people” just won’t decide.

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    1. The healing of the toe isn’t happening as quickly as I’d hoped! 😦
      Haha, TBO is sometimes in the ‘can’t decide’ category and I’m always willing to help him make a decision!


  2. Feeling sorry for The Brainy One, I don’t envy him that job! It’s so nice to see little bits of back to normal appearing in posts. How did the toe appointment go? Is he close to being ‘signed off’ and totally healed?

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    1. TBO is making progress, albeit more slowly than I would like – I can actually see the spare bed now. 🙂
      Another visit to the nurse for TB and his toe and then I hope that’s it.


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