Four Fun Things

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Thoughts on wearing a striped wedding dress?

There were elephants in Chelsea. 🙂

I received a copy of this book for my birthday.

8 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. I love those elephants! What were they made of? I tried zooming in on your IG photo but couldn’t decide what it was.
    I’m torn on the striped wedding dress! Wearing a plain pale colour always makes the bride stand out and be centre of attention, but if that isn’t your style then bold stripes or patterns will make you feel more comfortable.

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    1. More on the elephants coming tomorrow … 🙂

      I thought it was a lovely dress but it didn’t make me feel as though I’d want it for a wedding dress. Each to their own, I suppose.


  2. I also love the elephants – are they wooden scultpures? They are just beautiful.
    The wedding dress is certainly different but I wouldn’t have known she was a bride – she looks beautiful though.
    The book looks interesting and I will be going to look at the summer reading list (though I am quite set in my reading habits).

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  3. How cool are these four things? Really cool! I do get Mrs Darcy’s reading list; a striped wedding dress is what made this bride happy; elephants in Chelsa would have been an amazing sight; I have my name of the waiting list for the Duchess’s book, she is a talent!!!!!

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