Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 15

The easing of lockdown across England began – Tilly and I met friends in the park, we met The Best Friends at Basildon Park, there were three haircuts and The Brainy One and I received our second doses earlier then expected. 🙂 i stitched the journaling card along the edge of the page protector.

I added the information leaflet about the possibility of blood clots occurring after receiving the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and a letter inviting The Brainy One to take part in antibody testing research.

I added a few photos from our Weekday Walks in a quiet Central London.

The news coming out of India is truly horrific. 😦 I paired that with news of the countries currently on the UK government’s green list approved for travel.

8 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 15

  1. How wonderful to finally be able to add the opening up chapter. I think that’s so cool that TBO is getting to be part of a research. In Ontario & a few other provinces we have stopped using OAZ completely because of the rising numbers of blood clots. There’s research now on as to why so many in Canada are affected so adversely.


  2. How lovely to see pictures of places that you have been able to visit – there is a real sense of freedom isn’t there?
    There is a walk in centre open tomorrow in our town and we are going to see if we can get our second dose. Our official appointment is only two weeks away but it would be nice if we could sneak it in a little earlier!

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  3. Wonderful to see current events recorded so vividly in words and your lovely photos – such a precious record of this time! I had assumed that London was now bustling, but it seems not?

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  4. It must feel great to be able to get out and about some now that restrictions are lifting.

    We have friends in India, one in the hospital very sick with Covid, several others in isolation with symptoms – it’s so scary, medical access is not the same there. The lockdown in their state is that you can only be out of your house between 6am until noon & only for essentials. All other times you must be home.

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