Me on Monday

A week of sunshine, blue skies and an afternoon of torrential rain:

  • The Brainy One took a car load of junk to the recycling centre
  • The Spring cleaning is continuing. I began at the top of the house and have yet to leave the loft office. The Brainy One is something of a hoarder.
  • I attended a virtual Meet the Authors event over Zoom, which was a lot of fun and extremely interesting. I was surprised by how many attendees had their cameras on …
  • I purchased the paint ready for the first round of redecoration
  • We placed an order to have two picture windows replaced
  • We made an appointment for a virtual tour of a possible Post-16 school for The Boy
  • I made arrangements to meet three of my swim ladies for an outdoors catch-up over coffee and cake
  • I’ve made a note not to forget the Mass Observation Project 🙂
  • I’ve all but successfully completed this year’s 100 Day Project

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. It seems impossible to think that you are having to think about sixth form for TB – where have those years gone? It must be so hard to make a decision based on a virtual tour but I guess there is no other way at the moment. Hopefully you will also get the chance to have a chat with staff, either via zoom or in person so that you can feel if it is the right place for him. How does he feel about the prospect of moving on?
    I misread one of your sentences and thought you had met up for an outdoor swim! My friend Lynda does outdoor swimming at a nearby lake and although she maintains that it makes you feel absolutely brilliant, I’m not convinced! Coffee and cake and a chat sounds much more fun to me!

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    1. It amazes me that we are considering what next for The Boy – didn’t he just start school last week?
      Haha, you’ll never find me wild swimming – I much prefer a pool and one where I can touch the bottom very easily!


  2. How fun to be planning those changes & decorating. I read that decorating has been the #1 thing worldwide during the pandemic & especially just after lockdowns ease. In our neighbourhood adding on or up on the home is the most I have ever seen done. Both Mr Man & I seem to hoard paperwork & there are especially a great number of notes around the computers. I did a huge paper purging yesterday-liberating. Post-16 School, would that be like high school this side of the pond?

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    1. In The Boy’s case, we’re looking at what we used to know as Sixth Form. I think post-16 is also known here as Years 12 and 13. In the US, the equivalent would be junior and senior years. Is that the same in Canada?


      1. Canada’s school system’s grading is not like USofA. Public School (the catholic school system is the same) is Kindergarten (age 5yrs) to Grade 8 (age 13), then on to High School, grades 9-12. Some kids start school earlier , Jr Kindergarten, age 4 & some kids take a bonus school year after grade 12, to gain extra credit or to re-do a course, then on to university, college or tech school, which is also confusing because some university’s have colleges … A few schools are senior public, grades 7 & 8. We don’t do jrs freshmen, senior designations. Some private schools offer the whole thing, kindergarten right through to grade 12.

        Now you know a lot of Canadian school system, even things you don’t need to (lol).

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  3. Gosh, it seems no time since you and your young man were thinking about the transition into a secondary school! Hoping the virtual tour gives you enough information to make an informed choice … Your home sounds very busy and in the midst of some remodelling. Well done on completing your 100 day project – that must be so satisfying :).

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  4. Sounds like a very productive week & like your projects are all moving along! We’re still working steadily on the boxes from my craft closet … with a goal to have them all sorted by the end of the month. It’s FUN but also tedious going through all the photos & memorabilia from previous generations, making decisions (keep/store, keep/scrap, pass on to other family, recycle, trash, etc).

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