Drive-In Air Show at Shuttleworth

Last weekend we drove up to Bedfordshire to attend the Season Opener at the Shuttleworth Collection. Each car was allocated a space of five square metres on the side of the airfield. All cars parked on the left of each space, leaving the right hand side free for picnic chairs and blankets.

It was Shuttleworth’s first Covid-secure event of the year and I thought they managed things pretty well. We had enough space and even though the event was sold out, it never felt too peopley. 🙂

Gladiator (Photo credit: The Brainy One)

The weather was changeable – sunshine and cloud followed by rain showers – but we managed a few hours of flying. We all felt that it was the prefect event to practice experiencing ‘normal life’ again.

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9 thoughts on “Drive-In Air Show at Shuttleworth

  1. That looks and sounds very civilised, that sort of car-and-picnic arrangement; perhaps they could keep this going for those who arrive by car in future? It sounds a real uplift to your spirits :).

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  2. Oh how lovely – a day out!!! It sounds as if it was well organised and I bet you really enjoyed the day. Tilly looks as if she was engrossed (or did she just have her eye on someone’s picnic? ;-))

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    1. Tilly was very good – stayed on the blanket and looked as though she was watching the flying. The aircraft noise didn’t disturb her at all. 🙂


  3. Well done to the organizers of the air show. I am sure there is such a sense of normal being able to do fun things freely again. I cannot imagine when that is going to happen here; already, all the local big summer outdoor events that are normally scheduled have been cancelled. We are being told to keep our eye on the prize of a normal Christmas!

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    1. Things here, like music festivals and the like are also being cancelled. I’m nowhere near ready to be in a huge crowd again.


  4. Lovely photos! Last fall the Air Show in Houston was a drive-in & our friends down there went. We considered joining them but things were so uncertain & Covid numbers going up daily that we didn’t feel comfortable traveling. They said it was quite enjoyable; similar situation, each car had space & then space beside it.

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    1. I think the fact that The Brainy One and I have received our second doses was a factor in making the decision to purchase tickets. 🙂


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