Weekday Walks | Holland Park

London’s Holland Park is a favourite place to soak up colourful houses, pretty mews, and gorgeous gardens. ๐Ÿ™‚

Holland Park itself is popular with locals and visitors alike. You can meander along woodland paths, visit the Kyoto Garden and admire the huge tulips in the Dutch Garden.

Along Melbury Road, Abbotsbury Road and Ilchester Place the visitor will find large, beautiful houses with manicured gardens.

My new favourite place to want a home is Holland Park Mews. You enter through an arch and it’s one of the prettiest in the area. It’s external staircases make it unique, not to mention photogenic. ๐Ÿ™‚

The walk began and ended at Holland Park tube station and took about 2 hours (less if you don’t dawdle in the park.)

You might also like this walk around Holland Park or the one where I went mewsing.

12 thoughts on “Weekday Walks | Holland Park

  1. This is an area of London I don’t know at all so thank you for taking us on a tour. Those mews houses are so pretty, I can see why they are on your wish list!

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  2. Beautiful. I would fit in as I have always wanted to live in a stable! It is interesting to see the same faรงade gardened in individual ways to identify it as “mine”. This is nothing like Toronto’s Holland Park!


  3. Looks like a lovely walk! We’re still walking regularly around our neighborhood … but it’s getting boring now that there are no holiday decorations to enjoy. We’re hoping to get out and do some longer walks in parks etc now that it’s been two weeks since our final vaccinations. I’m even eyeing a couple of local 10K walks.

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  4. On one of our trips to London, we stayed in Kensington. We walked all around, but now I want to do it again–and pay attention and find Holland Park Mews. It looks so beautiful! But then, I think all of London is beautiful!

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