Four Fun Things {Well, Three Fun Things and One Tough One}

Yo-yo Ma took his cello along when he went for his second dose of the vaccine. 🙂

This NYC apartment – small, but somehow perfect.

“Rage is the only language I have left” – not a fun read, but an important one.

A pretty dress for Spring.

6 thoughts on “Four Fun Things {Well, Three Fun Things and One Tough One}

  1. Thanks for sharing the fun, the eclectic, the tough and the cute things. I can see you in that dress and I could see myself in a small apartment like that some time, if only the bed were on the same level. And blue/white is most probably the color scheme I would have chosen too. For a long time I collected things for a blue/white kitchen that has yet to happen.

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  2. Oh I agree that is a very pretty dress.
    Difficult read, a necessary conversation to continue.
    The tiny apartment proves that elegance doesn’t have to be big to be grand.
    I would be thrilled if Ofra Harnoy showed up with her cello at my vaccination time.

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  3. I feel pretty sure that those ladder steps up to (and down from) the apartment bedroom would be a recipe for disaster if I lived there! But what a great use of space.

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    1. Yes the ladder steps are really the only negative thing about that apartment. Mind you, I lived in a studio with a raised sleeping platform years ago … and never once fell off it or the ladder.


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