Me on Monday

It was quite a week:

  • All three of us had a haircut 🙂
  • The Boy endured surgery on his toe 😦
  • We had lunch al fresco with my SiL
  • We learned that demolition of a property near us is imminent and that redevelopment of the site is due to begin in June. While we’re glad something is actually going to happen, we’re not overly joyed about what will be built
  • We have a date for our garden redesign
  • We are in discussions with local contractors re some work on our house
  • I was shocked to learn of the deaths of Helen McCrory and Liam Scarlett. While I never knew Helen McCrory, I did know Liam back when he was a pupil at the Royal Ballet School and I was on the (non-dancing 🙂 ) staff
  • We were moved by the simplicity and poignant nature of the Duke’s funeral
  • The Boy and I managed another Weekday Walk (more on that tomorrow)

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. How exciting to have garden re-vamp plans in the works. I hope we’ll see lots of before & after photos. I know what you mean about changing the neighbourhood with these monstrous builds, no thought to how it affects those on either side of the build. Liam’s death at 35 yrs is too soon & I was surprised to learn that Helen & I shared the same birthday date (not year), again gone too soon. Hoping the TB’s toe is healing quickly.

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  2. That toe must be so sore, wishing him a speedy recovery!
    Garden redesign and work on the house sound exciting, it’s good to have a project (or two) on the go!

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  3. Sounds like quite a week! I do hope TBC’s toe is healing quickly! How exciting to have the garden redesign scheduled! We don’t have any plans like that this year, but we are enjoying our two rose bushes that are in full bloom right now!

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  4. Best wishes to TBC for a speedy recovery, but then the young do bounce back so quickly, don’t they. I didn’t actually watch the funeral, but did see the photos and my heart ached for Her Majesty sitting alone in that church pew.

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