The 100 Day Project | Day 75

Roughly half-way down my 100 Day Project list of UFOs, at number five, were the words fill in the gaps in The Nephew’s albums. The Nephew currently has two 12×12 albums, begun when I was new to scrapbooking …

Anyone else begin their scrapbooking with the simplicity of Creative Memories? It was obvious to me that I’d want to redo all those early pages in a similar way to the way I revamped The Boy’s early albums. 🙂

See that stork card? My sister made one for me and one for Mum the day that she told us she was pregnant. She was living in Germany at the time and never said a word from the time she picked us up at the airport until we arrived home … we went through the front door of her house to find the cards (and yellow ribbon) stuck to the living room door. 🙂

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few before and after traditional 12×12 pages …

I was discussing the awfulness of those early pages with The Best Friend and she rightly reminded me that everyone has to start somewhere and no-one knows what they’re doing when they begin learning a new hobby. 🙂

9 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project | Day 75

  1. Isn’t it interesting how styles (and creativity) change over the years? I love the way you are re-doing these pages, I have a fair few albums with pages where I had just layered up photos and rounded off their edges with an appropriate title in fancy letters, maybe the odd paper flower, butterfly or bow somewhere too! This must be such a fun project to be doing, reliving all those family events.

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  2. Ah yes Creative Memories & their unique style. They are still around & prompting simple pages. It is very interesting to go back to the beginning with today’s eye. I hope your nephew appreciates the efforts you are making with his albums. I like your sister’s way of announcing her pregnancy.

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  3. I have some early albums filled with very simple layouts. Nowadays my pages are busy and bright and colorful. But there are still days when I question myself. Have to ponder some layouts for a few days until I feel right about them. You do such lovely work. That pumpkin is adorable. And I like the bit of journaling you did on the wedding page. Perfect.

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