Me on Monday

  • Non-essential shops reopen today 🙂
  • All three of us have appointments for haircuts
  • The Boy and I are planning another Weekday Walk in town
  • The Boy and I are planning a visit to his favourite bookstore
  • The garden update is proceeding as planned
  • We’ve made arrangements to see my SiL and our friends again – twice in two weeks!
  • We visited a new-to-us National Trust property – more on that tomorrow
  • The Brainy One and I have drawn up a guest list for the party we hope to host later this year
  • We’ve added twice-weekly lateral flow tests to our must-do list
  • We’ll be watching an old man’s funeral – sad for his family’s loss; grateful for his life of service to this country

8 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Beautiful tulips. Britain seems to be opening up in a well planned fashion, just as we lockdown in chaos. You have lots of wonderful things planned for in the now & future, but oh those haircuts I’m sure are the most anticipated 🙂

    I’ll be up early to watch the funeral as well.

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