Weekday Walk | Soho

The Boy and I recently ventured into town for the first time this year. 🙂 We chose Soho as our destination for its quirkiness and the fact that the current situation meant that it wouldn’t be crowded with tourists.

We began our walk at Oxford Circus Tube station and ended at Leicester Square Tube station. As the majority of the shops and restaurants were still closed, our walk took about a little over an hour.

In a pre-Covid world, Soho is one of the liveliest parts of London. In our current reality, the quiet streets and closed businesses made me a little melancholy. 😦

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9 thoughts on “Weekday Walk | Soho

  1. It looks so odd to see the streets that empty, it’s hard to believe that it will ever get back to being as busy as it used to be. How lovely to be able to easily get out and about and get some photos to record this strange phase that we are in.

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  2. Those red lanterns from Chinese New Year are still so cheerful. It must indeed be a strange sight & feeling to see London, England so empty; & I emphasis city & country because it all the travel blogs, tv shows, London England is the pinnacle of action, busy, sights to behold. Now the sights to behold can at least be photographed without distraction of a million tourists! Sad & yet a charm to wander without the crowds.

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  3. How strange to see London so deserted. Oh I miss London so much. Can’t wait to visit and itching to go to my favourite places, V & A, Southbank and the ever-wonderful British Museum.

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