Me on Monday

This past week was the best we’ve had in a few months …

The Boy returned to school for full-time, in-person learning. As previously mentioned, he has to take a compulsory lateral flow test twice a week.

The Brainy One received his first dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and, as with me, there have been no obvious side effects.

I spent 5 hours on Saturday afternoon cyber cropping with The Best Friend and had a fun and productive time.

I received an unexpected gift of a new cookbook.

The UK marked Mother’s Day (I’m not sure why we’re out of step with the rest of the world who celebrate mothers in early May) and I received three cards – two from The Boy and one from the parents-in-law of The Best Friend.

Me on Monday was originally the idea of Sian of the now retired From High in the Sky blog.

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. A good week all round! I’m feeling very old in mentioning that I have the 1979 version of that cookbook 😉 My mum gave it to me when I got engaged. I have dozens of others but I can guarantee that it is the one that I often turn to. My copy has no cover, the index pages have come loose, there are splatters of cake mix on pages … but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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  2. That was quite a good week for you, with many “yeahs”. I haven’t had a new cook book in ages, since I’ve been relying on blog friends for recipes (col), so I’m hopeful that we, your readers are going to share in your good fortunate (wink wink). I often feel blessed to live in Canada, so here’s another reason,; as a church goer, we celebrate both Mothering Sunday & Mother’s Day, although I don’t usually get any gifts for either celebration! Good to hear no side effects for either you or TBO with your COVID vaccine, poor OAZ is receiving such bad press right now.

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    1. The Brainy One has been perusing the new cookbook and there are lots of “that’s sounds delicious” comments from him … so I’m hoping he’ll be tempted to cook up a storm. 🙂
      Yes OAZ has had a rough press just lately. 😦


  3. So pleased to read that you’ve had a good week :). And a lovely Mothering Sunday … Oooh, a new cookbook! Always great for perusing in a quiet moment, and the great thing is you can pick them up and put them down and not lose your place! I have a copy of Good Housekeeping’s first cookbook from 1950.

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