Scrapbooking in 2021 | Completing the Ascension Island Album

I’ve reached the point in the Asi Album where I’m happy to call it done. The majority of the pages are Project Life style – there are only ten traditional 12×12 spreads – and I like the look and feel of having mixed things up. 🙂

The Best Friend asked me how I remembered so much from so long ago – a perfectly valid question. The answer is simple, if in a few parts … Mum had saved a lot of my letters from 1994 (so it was great to have them to refer to), I’d kept a diary (initially fairly descriptive and detailed then becoming more a series of bullet points) and the more I thought about things, using my photos as a visual prompt, the more I remembered.

I’m not too worried about the sparse amount of journaling included in the album, as thanks to last year’s 100 Day Project, I have a much more detailed written account recorded elsewhere for posterity. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2021 | Completing the Ascension Island Album

    1. Haha, the thing I noticed about the letters is my lack of detail! I probably dashed off a note prior to going on shift or 5 minutes before the last drop off for mail making the Northbound aircraft. 🙂 The youth of yesteryear!


  1. Yeah done! And what a fun project. In re-reading the letters you sent your Mum, have you noticed if your handwriting changed over the years?

    Happy Weekend.

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  2. Oh nicely done. Love the page of tags, especially. And isn’t it funny how our brains just need a little priming and we can remember more and more things we thought we had forgotten. I am working on our France album right now and finding that to be the case, although I wish I had taken more notes contemporaneously.

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    1. I have been lucky with how much info I have about my RAF service … if only there were more photos, particularly of me in uniform. 🙂


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