Life in Lockdown | Receiving the Vaccine

As someone in her early 50s, I knew that I would be receiving my first dose of the vaccine within the next month or so (fingers crossed). Then I learned that the government had given the okay for parents of children with disabilities to move up the queue and make an appointment for the jab.

I contacted my GP’s surgery and had an offer of an appointment around 36 hours later. πŸ™‚

I received the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine on Wednesday morning and it was quick and painless. And so far, no side effects. The young man administering the dose gained extra points for allowing me to take photos. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Receiving the Vaccine

  1. YEAH! all good news, since the debate about Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine rages on this side of the pond. The debate, the back & forth is all about age, give to the under 64 yrs & keep Pfizer & Moderna for the over 65 yrs … or AstraZeneca for all. Just wait until Johnson & Johnson, 1 shot enters the fray!

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    1. I don’t think J&J is approved here yet; I don’t know anyone (apart from Dolly) who has received the Moderna vaccine. Have you had yours yet? πŸ™‚


      1. No vaccine for me as yet, my age group is early summer unless there is more available vaccines sooner than later. Moderna was used in some of the LTC (long term care) homes for the elderly. In our region it has been the Pfizer for the LTC & community 85+ years old. AstraZeneca just rolled into Canada on Wednesday night. They haven’t decided yet who will get – thoughts are because of the arguments over 65+ or not, that the prisoners may get so as not to waste. And now the debate of the length of time between the 2 hots. It’s so confusing & very frustrating.

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      2. I find it really interesting how each country is handling their vaccine rollout program. I don’t know why the controversy with the AZ vaccine continues, as my understanding is that the latest published data has disproved all the ‘noise’ relating to older recipients.

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  2. That’s great! Do you have to get another dose or is this it? We have 3 different vaccines here. 2 require 2 shots. We got the first and go back in 3 weeks for the second. Things are going well here. They’ve even dropped the mask mandate. However, that has been pretty controversial. We plan to continue wearing our masks until we’ve been fully vaccinated.

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    1. I had the Oxford AstraZeneca jab, so will have a second dose around late May. As far as I’m aware, the UK only seems to be offering AZ or the Pfizer jabs right now, or maybe that’s just in London.
      We have a planned pathway out of restrictions, subject to infection rates and vaccine rollout, with 21 June the date that everything is supposed to be open again … a lot could happen before then.


  3. So glad all went well with this first dose!! I hadn’t heard of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Pfizer & Moderna are rolling out here & I think the Johnson & Johnson will be everywhere pretty soon. I noticed this week they’ve opened up educators & anyone over 50 now here in Texas, along with the previously eligible (over 65, chronic/major illnesses, health care workers). We drove by the football stadium parking lot the other day & the cars were lined up for their appointments – it’s a drive through set-up here. Every state is different, but it’s anticipated there will be vaccines for everyone (or at least all who want & will take them) before summer.

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    1. It’s good news all round. I haven’t heard of a drive-thru vaccination centre here – I went to my GP’s surgery and The Brainy One went to a centre in a local office building. Locally, our Town Hall and a church hall are also vaccination centres.


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