Scrapbooking in 2021 | Off The Grid

Regular readers will know that I don’t do fussy scrapbooking (unless I’m in a class at a scrapbooking retreat) and I have a soft spot for a good old fashioned grid design.

My current go-to-grid-design was first seen by me on Instagram (look for snap.scrap.repeat) – I can see it being used a lot. 🙂

My first grid was finding a home for three seemingly random photos that were all taken in the same place – on nights out (in another life) in the excellent Irish Pub in the Europa Centre, Berlin. 🙂

The second grid features a much more recent event – pizza making and a Harry Potter quiz with friends over FaceTime.

My third grid now has a home in my Ascension album. 🙂

Do you have a design you return to frequently?

15 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2021 | Off The Grid

  1. Oh, you have my heart with these beautifully colourful grids! Such a feast for the eyes. You’ve got lots of colour and variety in them, as well as a pleasing overall shape. I especially like your Ascencion one – my, you have travelled … I’m a grid girl, as you’ll know :).

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  2. I love a grid design too! Your choice of bright colors is so cheery. Plus, you’ve reminded me of strip journaling. I haven’t done that in awhile. Adding it to my list to remind me!

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  3. I haven’t ever tried the grid layout but like it very much. One question, though…what size do you print your photos? I always get 4″x6″ prints and then wind up trimming them to try to get a couple on a page together. Are you ordering smaller prints or printing them at home? I have a pizza page I have been sitting on because I don’t have any cute pizza embellishments. Where did you find your cute things? Adorable pages.

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    1. I have a home photo printer – mine is an Epson XP-760 (which I’ve had a few years). I have the option to select various sizes – for the grid pages, I print in 3×4 and then trim to size. The squares are 3×3″, so the photos end up around 2.75″ or so. I’m not that precise really.
      The pizza embellies are from Doodblebug (I love their paper ranges) – I think they’re in the So Punny Food range?


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