Month in Numbers | February 2021

I can’t say that February was fabulous; the hideous weather put paid to that. But it wasn’t a total washout. Let’s see what the numbers made of it:

28 days … of a national lockdown/stay-at-home across England … of taking Tilly for her morning walk. (The Brainy One and The Boy walk her in the afternoons.) … of working on the 100 Day Project.

3 evenings of pizza making and a Harry Potter quiz over Facetime with friends.

1 cyber-crop with The Best Friend over Facetime.

9 pieces of Happy Mail sent.

4 baking sessions.

2 Valentine cards received.

24 scrapbook pages created by me over another creative month.

28 sessions of 10-minutes-long Pilates.

14 online Step classes completed by me, thanks to the magic of YouTube.

13 days without alcohol – I’ve given it up for Lent, but actually started the count on Shrove Tuesday.

24,666 steps walked by me on the day I went to Kew Gardens.

14 days of home-schooling … the end is in sight!

Month in Numbers was the brainchild of Julie. You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

10 thoughts on “Month in Numbers | February 2021

  1. 24,666 steps in one day! You put me to shame! In some ways February seemed to drag, in others it went by in a flash and here we are in March. Even in lockdown you still managed to fit a lot into the month! Staying alcohol free while homeschooling? Very impressive 😉

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    1. That step count was the day I met my friend for a socially-distanced walk at Kew Gardens – don’t forget that it takes around 40 minutes to walk there …
      Re the giving up of alcohol for Lent – there have been moments where I have questioned the sanity of my decision! 🙂


  2. February may have been short in days, but it has seemed long in weather & pandemic ways. All those little smiley faces on your stickers certainly make for cheerful reading/looking. 14 days of home schooling … 13 days without alcohol … I’m just saying your are one brave woman!

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  3. Well done on your amazing step count – impressive at the best of times but especially in winter! Hoping the return to school goes well, and that the promised tests etc. are effective so that we’re not sent back into lockdown in a month’s time. I always admire your ability to keep track of the month’s numbers :).

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    1. I’ve done Month in Numbers for so long, it’s second nature to record them. I do like to try and find numbers in unexpected things, just to liven things up every month. 🙂

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