For the Love of Books | Currently Reading February 2021

I read three books on American politics by the BBC’s North America Editor, Jon SopelIf Only They Didn’t Speak English; A Year At The Circus and Unpresidented: All 3 books are informative, amusing and offer an unbiased account (because he’s BBC and the books are published by BBC Books) of behind the scenes in Trump’s White House. I found them the perfect antidote to the constant noise surrounding last year’s election result.

Having had my fill of politics for a while (I put Obama’s memoir back on the bookshelf), I reread two more titles from my bookshelves.

The Flatshare and The Switch by Beth O’Leary: I still think The Flatshare is a great read and I think I enjoyed The Switch all the more the second time around. I have now added O’Leary’s third book to my pre-ordered list. 🙂

What I highlighted: “It’s easy to forget, when your missing someone, that they’re more than just the person you remember: they have sides to themselves they only show when other people are around.” – The Switch

“That’s the messy thing about family tragedy, I guess. Your best support system goes under in an instant.” – The Switch

“But when you lose someone you love, you don’t lose everything they gave you. They leave something with you.” – The Switch

8 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | Currently Reading February 2021

    1. I thought so. I never used to highlight passages in my books, but now? I’m fairly free in my use of a yellow highlighter pen! 🙂 Why shouldn’t I mark passages that really speak to or resonate with me? 🙂


  1. Thank-you for the book recommendations – I listen to John Sopel on Americast, and those titles look interesting. I must see if our library has those fiction books too, and add them to my ever-growing list :).

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