Which Literary Character Would You Like To Share Lockdown With?

Or conversely, which literary character wouldn’t you like to share Lockdown with?

Interior of John Sandoe Books

Jane Eyre would be calm but judgmental; Heathcliff‘s moods would be impossible to live with. Christian Grey would require his own dungeon and take up too much room; Bridget Jones would be cheerful and not too horribly upbeat and Mr Knightley could be guaranteed to be calm and polite at all times.

And what of Shakespeare’s characters? Falstaff would be fun but would drink all the wine. At least Lady Macbeth would be a safe option – with all that hand washing she would definitely be Covid-secure. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Which Literary Character Would You Like To Share Lockdown With?

  1. It’s quite funny you should ask as of Monday I’ve been picturing where & subsequently with who, I’d like to be during lockdown. The village of Three Pines with Chief Inspector Gamache & his charming, kind wife, Reine Marie & all the villagers. Although I would want my own home with a security system as there is far too much in & out from the poet & her duck!

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      1. The Louise Penny (author) series of books – I am anxiously awaiting book #17 this August. I got the whole series except for #16, in paperback for Christmas & have spent lockdown January & February reading them. Fictional Three Pines is a little village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Three Pines isn’t on any map – it was banished from memory in 1915 – WIFI, computers (dial up only), cell phones don’t work there & the village is full of characters; including the famous poet & a renowned artist along with occasional mention of “a saint” doctor hermit. If you “Goolge” Three Pines you’ll get a map. 🙂

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