Four Fun Things

Tilly loves having her coat blow-dried after she’s had a shower. 🙂

Tilly has proved that she can literally fall sleep anywhere.

I’ve seen my first crop of snowdrops.

The flooded path in the park made for a great reflective photo.

6 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. I need Tilly to come and have a word with Coco – she isn’t keen at all (although I suspect she’s a little angel for the dog groomer!) How on earth is Tilly managing to stay balanced on the arm of the chair?
    Isn’t it lovely to see a few flowers appearing in the ground? While it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, Spring is definitely on its way and doesn’t it lift your spirits?

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    1. Tilly used to bark like mad at the hair dryer – I think she’s realised that a shower and a blow dry is preferable to being cold, wet and muddy! 🙂


  2. Aren’t the little patches of snowdrops cheering? We’ve even seen them up here, though they are currently buried under four inches of snow. It’s so cold t(minus 4.6C) that the water in the watering can in the greenhouse has frozen solid. Your impromptu lake has provided a lovely photo – such an elegant building and a lovely place to walk, I imagine. Tilly has clearly mastered all the finer arts in life, including enjoying the moment – and has a great sense of balance!

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  3. The photo of the snowdrops encourages me to know that truly spring does come after winter; Tilly asleep on the arm of the chair gave me a chuckle; a WOW moment to your reflective photo; a wash & blow dry has me thinking of needing one myself.

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