One Photo | Twenty Words

Tilly is more than happy to sleep her way through a Zoom call. I’m often tempted to do the same. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “One Photo | Twenty Words

  1. It definitely looks like she’s on ‘mute’ here! Coco is supposed to be a guest appearance on Leo’s class’ Zoom ‘Show and Tell’ this morning. I’m not sure she’ll cooperate but he’s very excited to have her there!

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  2. Ah yes the Zoom call. I’ve participated in a couple were a few of the other participants look as though they have assumed Tilly’s position. Why do people think lying in bed is the perfect place to set up for Zoom?

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      1. There are several in my weekly Zoom that set up in their bedroom & they lay in bed, pillows propping them up. So many of this same group (usually 14-16 people) who forget that we can see everything in the background; some set up in the kitchen or dining areas of their home so we get wandering teens in half dressed states wandering through the view, we get people coming out of the bathroom, & often the conversations going on in the background are quite enlightening!! (not). I am not sure it’s not caring, maybe just not understanding the scope of the camera and/or microphones.

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