Frugal February | A Month of No Buying

Over the last two Februarys, I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t considered necessary – no to new clothes, no to new books, no to slices of cake in our local dog-friendly café.

Of course, the grip of a global pandemic might make this February somewhat different, but my original premise of not buying anything that isn’t essential still stands.

No buying anything I don’t truly need.

My list includes:

  1. magazines
  2. chocolate/sweets/biscuits
  3. clothes
  4. books
  5. scrapbooking products
  6. random online shopping. Amazon, I’m looking at you

I’m interested to see how I’ll fare third time around; I’ll be report back here towards the end of the month.

11 thoughts on “Frugal February | A Month of No Buying

  1. That’s a great aim, managing to do without al those things. I think I’d find books the hardest :). I’m almost at my full year of not buying any new clothes and, to be honest, it hasn’t been difficult – this winter I have a uniform of cord trousers, a long-sleeved thermal vest, and a woollen jumper or button-up-to-the-neck cardigan. Job done! Hope you achieve your aim.

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    1. I’ve lived in jeans for what seems like months with a t-shirt and a cashmere cardi because, you know, layers and the menopause!
      I’m looking forward to breaking out my Spring and Summer wardrobe. 🙂


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