Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 10

We’re into February and life is still fairly grim. 😦

Schools across England didn’t reopen after the Christmas holidays (although some did actually reopen for just one day) … which meant that home-schooling was back on the agenda. The Boy Child’s birthday present from us this year was a laptop and we gave it to him early.

On the day we learned that the Moderna vaccine had been approved for use, London’s mayor declared a major incident. Current figures suggested that as many as 1 in 30 Londoners had coronavirus.

The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Dame Joan Collins all received the vaccine. A few days later, the UK recorded her highest daily death total of 1,564.

More days of grim news and a pop of colour reminding us that things will be ok (eventually).

A postcard that made me smile. Goodness knows we need things to lighten the mood (and the black and whiteness of the journal of late).

News concerning London’s virus hotspots and then the truly hideous news that the UK’s death total had passed the one hundred thousand mark.

10 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 10

  1. January really was a month of grim news wasn’t it? Let’s hope that from now things will improve, figures do seem to be getting lower don’t they? I can’t begin to imagine how they will ease restrictions safely, but the vaccination rates are encouraging.
    I’m pleased to hear that homeschooling is going a little better this time around. Schools have had time to work out a strategy now and I think that they’ve realised that children do need that structure of a timetable devised by the teachers, not their parents!

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  2. Words like grim, scrapping in black & white; I agree represent how it is right now in the world. My own COVID pages reflect words like anger & angry & today my rant will be at the EU for imposing export restrictions & fees upon vaccines leaving the EU. What happened to the statement made a year ago – we’ll share, we’ll help, we are in this together? I was pleased to see Her Majesty & Prince Phillip get the vaccine.

    So glad that the laptop has helped TBC with his home schooling with bits of online learning & class friend connections. It certainly takes the pressure off TEM (the exhausted Mum).

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  3. I love this! I’m also doing a Covid album. I think it’s important to remember this time in our lives. I’m pretty sure family members in the future will be happy we did!

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  4. We had a beautiful spring day so I am feeling more hopeful than I have been. It was close to 25*C. Was hoping maybe we could have one big snow but if not, bring on the spring weather.
    Children have just started returning to school here in El Paso, and I have been called to work as a substitute librarian. If I had the vaccine, I wouldn’t hesitate but without it, I am a little worried. Hope life begins to look brighter there.

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    1. Children in Scotland are due back in a phased-return after half-term: late February. Schools in England won’t reopen before 8th March, and that’s not guaranteed.
      Hope that you feel okay with your return to work. My mum worked in a library for years and in a different life, it’s probably what I should have read at university.


  5. I like your Nope card – right on the button, those last few words. Saying you accept responsibility is very different to actually taking it and following through. Your bright spots of colour are indeed cheering and we’re going to need as many as we can get. If anyone had told us last March that by the following February we would still be locked down … just as well we didn’t know! So glad things are going better for your young man.

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    1. I’d like to see HMG admit that they got things wrong and are still dropping the ball on a daily basis … but I won’t hold my breath.
      Part of me can’t believe that we’re still in the thick of this 11 months on.


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