Life in Lockdown | Lockdown 3.0

I’m finding it hard to remain positive. Winter isn’t my favourite season. It’s cold, it’s grey, and usually brings a spot of cabin fever, but of course this year the dread of illness is something else entirely, and that “stuck inside” feeling is next-level.

The news here in the UK and around the globe continues to be grim.

I’ve just read that my London borough currently has the second highest infection rate in the capital.

The UK’s official Covid-19 death topped 100,000 yesterday.

The newest Covid-19 variant may be 30% more deadly.

Homeschooling hit a wall last week when the teacher tested positive and went off sick. It was only then that we discovered the school’s management team had no Plan B in place. Things are looking better this week (and the teacher appears to be making a full recovery).

There’s no real expectation that schools will reopen before Easter.

I miss the family I don’t live with.

There’s nothing to look forward to – no lunches out, no family parties, no meeting friends for coffee, no nipping into town for a walk with my camera, no overseas travel.

In re-reading the above points, I realise that I may come across as being a little self-indulgent. Make no mistake, I appreciate that I, along with my immediate family, have much to be grateful for.

We have a roof over our heads, we have food to eat, we are able to pay our bills.

Family members are beginning to receive the vaccine.

But I am also entitled to feel all the feelings. We’re not on holiday, this isn’t ‘time off’, we’re still in the middle of a global crisis.

How are you feeling right now?

11 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Lockdown 3.0

  1. Feeling exactly the same as you. Much as I know we have a lot to be very grateful for, we are only human and are missing so much of the things we took for granted. Just little things like having a coffee with a friend, or having family over for Sunday lunch. I think it’s also very hard because there really doesn’t seem to be an end date in sight, nor any hints as to how we will get out of this lockdown, we need to have something to look forward to.
    I can only try and guess how difficult homeschooling a teenager must be! R’s finding it hard enough teaching phonics to a 4 year year old who would rather be playing with batman, goodness only knows how you are coping with Maths, English and Science! Does taking Tilly for a walk count as PE?

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  2. Well, I too feel a lot like you, Ruth. Add in the feeling of instability in the world in general, usually peaceful countries experiencing riots (eg Holland), continued governmental petty stupidity (eg not according the EU ambassador full diplomatic status), ongoing disruption and failure of politicians to take responsibility (just about everywhere, and a prime ministerial sad face doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid), lack of action on an environmental level (aspirations are not going to solve the climate emergency) … and it’s hard to find anything positive anywhere. Hoping the home schooling gets sorted for you all …

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  3. it is really tough at the moment and my anxiety is quite high about everything…but like you I totally aknowledge how lucky i am in my life and I have had the vaccine. I miss the easiness of pre lockdown life the spontaneous way of living. I miss family and friends as the winter lockdown seems so much harder than the summer though the snow day we had made me soooooo happy! Sending hugs to you all xxx

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  4. I’m terribly behind on blog reading & hope things are improving there. I’m staying away from much of the news and keeping busy with coaching in the Photo Freedom class, scrapbooking, and sorting my Grandma’s lifetime of photos. We’ve pretty much settled into a comfortable routine here but the feelings of this-is-never-going-to-end come and go. And today we’re actually snowed in here in Texas. The weather is breaking hundreds of previously set records throughout Texas and the states. We’re fortunate that the rolling electricity outlets to conserve resources have not started here, but my parents are keeping busy a big fire going in their wood stove. Sending a virtual hug across the pond.

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    1. The snow has gone from London and the South East, but I believe Northern Scotland has had a couple of feet of the white stuff.
      I hope your parents are able to keep warm and safe.


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