Right Now …

I’m wondering how much more grim the news will be before we can truly say that we are through the worst.

I’m hopeful because there is a new occupant in the White House and I was unexpectedly emotional when I watched Kamala Harris be sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. Madam Vice-President.

I’m creating scrapbook pages daily and the time spent doing that is giving me a sense of peace.

I’m binge-watching How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix (half-way through Series 5).

I’m putting romance novels to one side and planning on reading Barack Obama’s memoir, A Promised Land (received as a Christmas gift) and Jon Sopel‘s UnPresidented: Politics, pandemics and the race that Trumped all.

I’m finalising my plans and ideas for this year’s 100 Day Project (more on that later this week).

9 thoughts on “Right Now …

  1. You certainly have plenty to keep you occupied in lockdown!
    Every day I hope they will say that we have turned a corner but it feels like with every bit of positive news: scale of vaccination, comes something negative: numbers still increasing. Surely we must be nearing the end of the rising figures?

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    1. Re rising figures, that’s what I’ve been hoping for … until just reading that our borough now has the second highest rate in London – 802 per 100,000. 😦


  2. It’s very hard to stay away from the news these days, I’m at least glad the weather is so up & down because it’s a favourite topic of conversation for Canadians. The most frightening aspect, for me, of the news, is the reports of how people are blatantly ignoring rules about gatherings, business lock down rules, for I have been told I am relying on people’s common sense to beat this virus. Scrap booking is always a good antidote for news.

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  3. I watched the ceremony with anticipation and relief. Hurrah the grown ups are home. It was very emotional seeing Kamala Harris, first woman and a woman of colour too. The young poet Amanda Gorman was tremendous I thought. I read her poem online, so moving.
    As for the Covid doodah, on it goes, I try to keep positive but it is so hard!
    Chin up, buttercup as my gran used to tell me!

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  4. Daily scrapbooking, or anything creative, feels like a necessary antidote to everything else at present – glad you can enjoy it and plan ahead for the year. We have 276 per 100K here (down on last week) and where my DD is, the rate has fallen to 451 – it was as high as yours for a few weeks. Hopefully it will start to reduce very soon. The inauguration was quite something, wasn’t it; I loved Kamala Harris’ big smile and Amanda Gorman’s beautiful radiant poise and prose. There is hope!

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