Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 9

The news here in the UK and around the world continues to be grim. 😦

In the spate of a few days, London moved from Tier 2 to Tier 4 and Christmas was effectively cancelled.

Then we learned about the new variant of Covid-19 and most of Europe, following France’s lead, closed their borders to the UK.

I decided to include a few speech bubbles recording the things politicians have said since the beginning of the pandemic.

More speech bubbles and details of how 43% of the population would be under Tier 4 restrictions come Boxing Day (26th December).

News broke of our beloved Chelsea Pensioners receiving the vaccine. The gentleman in the photo is a 97-year-old D-Day Veteran. 🙂 And the stay-at-home Christmas.

We ended 2020 with more hopeful news re vaccines and grim news re the number of new infections and Covid-related deaths.. We began 2021 with the grimmer news of another National Lockdown for England, a stay-at-home order and the announcement that schools would not reopen after the Christmas break.

10 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 9

  1. I love that idea of the speech bubbles with the politicians’ quotes in them- what a great way of looking back over what was said at the time.
    It was not a good way to end the year, or start a new one, was it? We can only hope and trust that the vaccination programme is our route out of this awful lockdown situation. Take care x

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  2. I also like the speech bubble idea for a page – I may just be scrap lifting this one! (thank you for the idea).

    It is indeed a grim outlook for quite a while yet. One of the things that has left me speechless & VERY disheartened is that with the soaring rates of infections requiring hospital intensive care, is that our doctors have now been tasked with making the triage decisions for treatment; who is likely to be a live in a year? treat them first …” I weep as I type that, what a horrible burden to place on our already stressed, over taxed medical profession. Grim indeed. People Stay Home.

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  3. Oh gosh, it really does make grim reading, doesn’t it, when you see it all together like that … If anyone had told us back in March 20 that the lockdown then was just the start and that we’d still be in lockdown a year later with cases and deaths even higher, we’d have wept in frustration and despair. Let’s just hope that we can manage to move into something better by Easter. I do like your use of speech bubbles. I could do a ‘before’ and ‘after’ one on Brexit!

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  4. Exhausting. Our schools reopened on Tuesday and the very next day our positivity rate was so high that the schools are probably going to close right back up. They had been closed since last March. Our poor children.

    I remember seeing the interview of the 97 year-old war veteran getting the vaccine. He was quite animated and charming. How has your son managed during this difficult time? I see my grandbabies becoming less social, moodier. It has been hard on even the ‘littles.’

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    1. My son didn’t go back to school after the Christmas break. Some other schools local to us did open up as planned, only to be then closed the very next day. The Boy Child was at home for 192 consecutive days last year!
      He’s definitely missing seeing his friends – over Zoom isn’t quite the same. His teacher has gone off sick this week after testing positive, so things have been more miss than hit the last few days.


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