10 Things Learned From 2020

  1. Expect the unexpected and do your best to embrace the bumps in the road. My go to method of accepting what I can’t change is to switch off the news and social media, and disappear in to Netflix for an hour or so. A large mug of tea, a chocolate bar and Tilly curled up next to me also helps.
  2. Blogging and the blogging community certainly helped to help keep me grounded. I’m so grateful to all of you who read and reach out via the comments.
  3. Podcasts are brilliant – entertaining and informative in equal measure – and my favourite is still Americast.
  4. I need exercise in my life. Daily walks with Tilly, online Step classes and 10-minute Pilates sessions have helped both my physical and mental-health wellbeing.
  5. Cyber cropping with The Best Friend has been a brilliant way to remain connected. We chat, we laugh and, sometimes, we simply scrap together in companionable silence.
  6. There’s nothing wrong with putting on loungewear/pjs mid-afternoon. It’s not as it we’re going anywhere and nobody is calling at the house. 🙂
  7. My grocery shopping habits have improved beyond recognition. I plan more, there are fewer impulse purchases and I have in-person visits down to around twice a week.
  8. Not being able to see and hug the people I care about has been so much harder than I thought it would be.
  9. Homeschooling needs a more defined plan to work. Several weeks into Homeschooling 2.0, things are going fairly well, although there are still a few bumps that need to be ironed out.
  10. The global pandemic has only served to highlight the inequalities in our world and this is something we all need to address.

This post was inspired by the lovely Alexa at Simply Alexa blog.

8 thoughts on “10 Things Learned From 2020

  1. What a thoughtful and heartfelt list … Your 1, 2, 8 and 10 resonated with me especially. And I am with you on podcasts – I’m a little late to realising the value of these, but have also been enjoying Americast (we need one focussing on the UK!) and Pantsuit Politics. Have you managed to find a ten-minute PIlates class online? The ones I’ve seen all appear to require more time. Hoping you get the home-schooling bumps levelled out, especially as it looks as if this lockdown might continue for some time. I envy those who can get into PJs or comfy clothes during the day – it sounds so comfy. My Mum always insisted that even when we were poorly, we got up and dressed for part of the day at least, and I find it impossible not to stay dressed until it’s actually bedtime!

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    1. I found Pilates at Your Desk on Instagram and she has plenty of different short videos – I’m sure you’d find one to suit. I suspect she’ll also be on Facebook.


  2. I have to admit that my ‘is it too early to put my pyjamas on?’ question is happening earlier and earlier every day!
    The pandemic has certainly given us reason to question the important things in our lives hasn’t it? I’m agreeing with all your points – although I can only imagine what a task homeschooling must be!

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    1. Nothing wrong in slipping into pjs/loungewear once the pooch has been walked. Like I said, there’s nowhere to go and no-one is calling at the house. 🙂


  3. I like your list; lessons many of us have come to terms with. I don’t (as yet) listen to podcasts per say, but have found a fairly good talk radio station with some varying guests & topics, which I use as my scheduled meal prep time.

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    1. I’m a dedicated fan of BBC Radio 2 – music, chat and no adverts. Podcasts are great because they’re usually about 45-60 minutes per episode. 🙂 Check out BBC Sounds – it’s free and available worldwide.

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  4. This is a great list! I could agree with each and every one of your observations. But, when it comes to Americast (here it’s called America’s Got Talent), I would have to say that I prefer my “British” shows! We watch AGT, but it’s just not my favorite. As far as our shows go, I would choose The Good Doctor—with Freddie Highmore! See there, another British connection. I find that talking about shows we watch has become one of the biggest topics of conversation!

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    1. Americast is a BBC podcast talking about American politics and the recent election. You can listen via the free BBC Sounds app. 🙂
      We don’t watch any reality TV programs.


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