One Little Word | Heart in 2021

Twenty twenty one marks our 11th year of One Little Word.

This year’s word was difficult to pin down – I had a list of six possible words for quite a while. But in the end, it was heart that constantly floated to the surface. I think it’s a word that will suit 2021.

Heart: noun:

  1. the centre of a person’s emotions or affections or innermost thoughts.
  2. the ability to feel emotion.
  3. courage.
  4. enthusiasm.
  5. a beloved person.
  6. the vital part of a thing.

What word will you carry with you throughout 2021?

You can find our previous words here:

2020: Pause; 2019: Thrive; 2018: Nourish; 2017: Nourish; 2016: Fortitude; 2015: Give; 2014: {Be} More; 2013: Change; 2012: Enjoy; 2011: Better.

11 thoughts on “One Little Word | Heart in 2021

  1. A wonderful word & I am sure you & this word will not only be a noun, adjective but a verb …
    Cute little blue birds of happiness. I have yet to settle upon a word for 2021.

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    1. I think the current situation has made it more difficult to settle on a word that fits you.
      Those bluebirds are very cute, aren’t they – from Doodlebug’s Love Notes range. 🙂


  2. That’s a lovely choice, Ruth – we are all going to need plenty of it in the year ahead, I think. The little bluebirds, symbols of joy and happiness, hold a promise for the months to come. I know how seriously you walk with your word and look forward to reading more :).

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  3. I think “heart” is the perfect word for this year. After the year we’ve just had, “heart” takes it back to where it all begins–the “heart of the home!” As for me, if I were doing OLW this year, I would probably pick “found” because I found and reconnected with some old school chums and I found your blog!!

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