Life in Lockdown | Homeschooling, Take 2

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my heart fell into my boots when the government announced that schools in England would close for at least six weeks (but common sense tells me that it’s going to be longer than that).

Late last year, however, during our Zoom Parents’ Meeting, I put it to The Boy Child’s teacher that we come up with a plan for online learning should another schools’ closure happen.

She listened and made it happen. 🙂 The Boy Child has a homeschooling timetable and knows exactly when his teacher will, well, teach him, via Zoom. During the first week, he had one-on-one teaching and during this second week, he’s had lessons with two or three other pupils. Seeing his friends, albeit on line, has given The Boy Child a tremendous boost.

So far, so good and I’m hopeful for a much more positive experience of homeschooling this time around.

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6 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Homeschooling, Take 2

  1. What a good idea – I’m so pleased that the teacher listened and put your ideas into practice. We mustn’t underestimate the importance of social contact to school children. They can put as much effort as they can into the actual lessons but they still need human presence.
    Good luck (1 week done …)

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  2. I think there was a thud heard around the world for so many parents when, no in person school was announced. Thankfully most parents, like your self, it was a call to arms & plans. So glad this go round of online learning is going better for all.

    Yesterday our province was put into another state of emergency with further restrictions for 28 days. For most of southern Ontario, schools will not return to in person until February 10th at the earliest. In northern Ontario, in person school started back on Monday. The moaning went long into the night for many parents & the older students.

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  3. Very thoughtful of you to plan in advance – and I fear you are right about the home-schooling. I reckon it will be Easter at the earliest. That’s wonderful that your young man can be in touch with his friends, which is so important. I’m also loving the daffodils – such a cheerful splash and the first I’ve seen this year.

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