Project Life Revisited | Weeks 51 and 52

Week 51:

Walks with Tilly are the highlight of my day. I went for my first-ever flu jab. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent quietly at home. Strictly, a new jigsaw and a glass of bubbly.

I made an interactive lift-up flap for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What’s not very clear is that I also added lift-up flaps to the photos – there’s another 4 photos hidden from view.

Week 52:

Second cyber crop of the month with The Best Friend. 🙂 The weather was cold, clear and sunny. New Year’s Eve was obviously spent at home – with my jigsaw and a mug of tea. We were all in bed well before midnight.

I made a second interactive flap to give a home to the journaling.

8 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 51 and 52

  1. All 52 weeks completed! I like the way you have hidden journalling underneath a photo flap. It’s good to have a jigsaw on the go isn’t it? I can’t resist putting in just one more piece every time I walk past the table!

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    1. Here’s the thing … I used to complete jigsaws on the coffee table in the living room, but then I’d find that TBC had used the table for something and pieces would mysteriously end up missing, on the carpet or chewed by Miss Tilly. So now I have it on a jigsaw mat and roll it up when I’ve finished for the day.


  2. It must feel good in many ways to have weeks 51 & 52 done & in the book. It was certainly a year like no other to record the events & adventures. Your photo flap is a good way to add, without adding pages.

    As another first time ever flu jab person, did you have any reactions? I was surprised how little reaction I had; a sore arm for a day & same for Mr Man. We had to stay in our vehicle to get the jab & we have been told that the cold seems to help with fewer reactions & since this was the first time (in Canada) jabs were given out of doors, it’s added to new data.

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    1. It turned out that completing Project Life in an 8×8 format worked well for me (but I’m still happy to put PL aside for this year). And of course, because we spent most of the year at home, it was easy to keep on top of.
      My flu jab appointment went without a hitch. I went to see the nurse at my GP’s surgery (which was like a ghost town) and she was extremely efficient. No reaction at all, not even a requirement for a small plaster. I’m been very happy with the experience.

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  3. I only did Project Life one time. It was a little too much for me. I found that I did better with a monthly layout rather than weekly. So, I did that for a year. I need to go back to that. I really enjoyed your layout—especially that flip up journaling!

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    1. Project Life is quite commitment – I did it for a few years in the traditional 12×12 format when I was still fairly new to scrapbooking. The albums are fairly basic and are on my list of albums to redo at some point – I’m thinking that I would have one week per side of 12×12.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  4. Your flaps are a great way of adding additional journalling and photos, and I’ve always enjoyed your mix of handwriting and printed cards. I can see that PL is a big commitment, and a year off will free your time and energy for other things. I’m not doing weekly spreads this year – just documenting things when I feel like it or there’s something worthwhile. Which might be some time!

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