Scrapbooking in 2021 | The Goals

As we head towards mid-January, I am still mulling over my scrapbooking plans for this year. I haven’t solved the dilemma of scrapbook storage, so I’m continuing with my hunt for a scrapbooking solution that ticks all the boxes. And as with blogging, I’ve no plans to stop.

However, I have decided not to continue with Project Life Revisited – it served a purpose last year and I’m happy to put that style of scrapbooking aside again. But pockets will undoubtedly show up on a regular basis.

It’s that circular design again. 🙂

I didn’t have a 12×12 album last year, which was probably just as well as we didn’t really go anywhere. But after chatting through an idea with The Best Friend, I’m going to create a ‘12 in 20‘ album – 12 layouts, once for each month. The Best Friend and I will then continue the theme with a series of ‘12 in 21‘.

Do you have memory keeping or crafting goals for 2021?

10 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2021 | The Goals

  1. Again you have used the sticker sprinkle to an advantage to tell the tale of TBC’s mishap in the school yard. Your Visit with Santa keeps the focus on the Who you are visiting (col). I like the way you have incorporated the journaling behind the photo. I like the idea of 12 in 21.

    Scrapping & crafting goals for 2021 – I’ve set the goal for 4 12X12 pages of catch up for each week in January & February. (I’m behind already) & to create 2 cards a week throughout 2021. Like you, I am out of space for albums, so I think for my garden album this year it will have to be just a 2 page spread per month.

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  2. Ouch, that looks sore that bruise … But you’ve made a lovely colourful page from it. I understand your concern about scrapbook storage – that’s why I went down the photo books route some years ago and still love it. Your current plans sound very do-able, and manageable.

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    1. I know that if I redo all my early albums, there’ll be a lot more space on the shelves … it’s just that the size of that task is quite daunting and I haven’t quite finished with all of TBC’s early albums.
      It’s an on-going plan … that and dreams of bespoke bookshelves in every conceivable space around the house! 🙂


  3. I never make scrapbooking goals. I do pretty well without them. In fact, my biggest problem is wondering what my family will do with all the scrapbooks I’ve made. It has actually changed the way I scrapbook. I think in terms of what would be interesting to anyone who might stumble across one in an antique shop some day. Not only are they about our family and life, I try to keep them relevant to the times too! Hence, I’m finishing a pandemic album for 2020. I guess that’s a goal–to get that one finished!

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    1. I have a list of my scrapbooking goals simply so I don’t forget what I’ve decided to do in any given year! 🙂
      My Covid journals (currently filling up volume 2) are a mix of what we’ve been doing at home, UK news and international news.
      I’ve often thought about what what happens to all my scrapbooks when I’m no longer here and decided that I would try and find a reference library willing to take them and leave the necessary instructions in my will!


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