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And so it begins again. England’s schools are closed until approximately mid-February. So much for not drinking in January.

12 thoughts on “One Photo | Twenty Words

  1. At first I thought this was another wit or wisdom … (lol). Our schools are not returning as planned for Jan 11th – also closed until February something. We’ve been told the highest rates of infection in December were in the under 13 yrs category!!! Rumour has it that they will close the outdoor ice rinks & toboggan hills next if numbers don’t drop.

    Today I guess is really a T.G.I.F. – happy weekend.

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    1. London’s mayor has declared a major incident … in some boroughs, as many as 1 in 20 people are infected. 😦
      Re home schooling – first 3 days have been okay …

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  2. Your final seven words are a killer! Feeling for you – this must be so difficult. especially as it looks as if it is going to be several months at least of home-schooling. Glad to read that it is going smoothly so far.

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  3. Our schools have not been face-to-face in almost a year here in El Paso. I think the kids went out for spring break in 03.2020 and either returned only for a week or two or never returned at all. We are still doing virtual school. The district had hoped to open schools this week but our numbers and percentages are still too high. I worry about the ?education? our children are getting. So many of the households in El Paso are very low income. Lots of times kids don’t have access to Internet or devices for doing online schooling. So sad.

    Hope your son will do well. Perhaps you can slip just a nip in your tea every afternoon to take the edge off.

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    1. Schools closed in the UK in late March and remained shut until early September. Then all the children went back to school … and now here we are.
      It’s certainly tough for the lower income families, especially if they have more than one child of school age.
      The Boy Child goes to a small school and I know that the staff has tried very hard to be Covid-secure, but there have still been a number of cases, mostly amongst the teachers.


  4. Oh, Ruth – sending hugs and best wishes for this (hopefully short) bout of home schooling! At least this time it’s not all brand new, right. Schools are still open here in our area, but others are beginning to go back to online for at least a little bit.

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